Modern home security has come a long way since the traditional burglar alarm. As both digital and mobile technology advances, more and more domestic appliances can be control via internet connection. But it’s not just lights, heating and entertainment that you can control with your smartphone – there are numerous home security solutions also now available as smart devices.

From video doorbells to remote monitoring, we take a look at some of the best smart home security products available to buy.

Video doorbells

An image of someone about to press a door buzzer

A video-doorbell is essentially the digital evolution of the humble spy-hole, with a heap of extra benefits. Whereas you’d previously peek through the one-way glass to see who’s ringing the bell, you can now view a HD feed of your doorstep on your phone, whether you’re at home or away. This is ideal for elderly or vulnerable residents who may be hesitant to open the door to a stranger.

A video doorbell connects to your home Wi-Fi, and can alert you on your smartphone whenever it sees someone approaching your front door. You can then communicate over two-way audio with your visitor via the product’s app. For added security, set your video doorbell to snap images or record video when motion is detected or the bell is triggered – giving you peace of mind during the night or when you’re away.

One of the most popular products in this category is the Ring Video Doorbell 2, although SkyBell HD and Nest Hello Video are also pretty safe choices.

Remote home monitoring

Female hand holding a smartphone on blurred house background.

As well as video surveillance on your front door, monitoring inside your property is another popular form of smart security. Much like the video doorbells, most smart security cameras can be used to notify you when activity is detected. These devices are perfect for keeping an eye on things while you’re away, and can also double up as a child or pet monitor as a bonus.

Smart cameras are generally small and discreet, and can be placed on a shelf or bookcase to blend in with your home décor. You can view the feed through a mobile app, and depending on the resolution, zoom in on an image where necessary. Many home monitoring cameras can also be synched with your favourite voice-activated support such as Google Assistant or Alexa, bringing up a feed to your display with a simple voice command.

For an all-round great performance, take a look at the Nest Cam IQ, which offers motion-tacking and triggered alerts, as well as impressive extras such facial recognition that will automatically zoom in on unidentified faces. For a more budget-friendly option, why not consider the Yi Dome Camera which offers remote panning and tilting, letting you control the shot.

Smart door locks

With a digital door lock, you can even say goodbye to traditional keys. Products such as the Yale Connected Smart Door Lock let you manage easy-to-use controls covering who can access your door.

Offering multiple ways to unlock your door, you can enter a code on the touch panel, opt for a key card or key tag, or use remote access via smartphone app. Along with the choice of entry methods, you can also assign a mix of 20 codes and cards, granting account access to up to 20 friends and family members for added convenience. What’s more, it’s protected by an 8- decibel tamper alarm, alerting the surroundings if anyone attempts access with an incorrect code or smartphone account.

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