There are many benefits to installing an access control system in your home and taking your home security beyond the simple lock and key. You may not have seen it as a necessity in the past, but if you do decide to install one, you’ll wonder why you ever felt safe leaving your house unattended before it. There are a range of options available, so it is worth reviewing the benefits of different access control systems and what would suit your home or property best. 

What is the main purpose of a home access control system?

Installing an access control system in your home serves the purpose of improving your home security. You can control who can access your property and how they access it. It may be as simple as installing a pin code access system to move away from just a key. If you are frequently away from your property, access control can even provide you with voice or video intercom to interact with anyone who attempts to enter your home. 

3 types of access control systems for your property.

Pin-Code Locks

Adding a keypad access system that requires a pin code for entry can be a great addition to a secure home that has limited users requiring access. In addition, a pin-code access system might contain a key inside for someone to access your home, such as domestic services or a community nurse. 

Voice Intercom Systems

Installing a voice intercom or home audio system can improve your feeling of personal safety in the home, as you can use it to answer the door without opening it first. It can help you suss out who is at the front door and if it is safe to answer. Some voice intercom systems enable you to do this even when you are away from your property, and can be a great deterrent for pushy door to door sales or even distraction burglaries. 

Video Door Intercom

A video door intercom can provide wireless video and audio communications between you and anyone visiting your front door or trying to gain access to your property. You can use this to your advantage when in or away from your home, to assess who is at your door at any time. You can also use it as a requirement for gaining entry to your home, and can grant this access after viewing the video intercom.

All Masons Locksmiths install access control systems for home security

Providing your door lock and key is fully functioning and fitted well, your home should be secure. However, it can give you so much more ease of mind and feeling of safety when you install an access control system in your home.  If you would like to chat more about installing a home access control system, you can contact All Masons Locksmiths Ltd using the contact details found here, or call us on 01858 680 746. We can survey your home security, and make suggestions on the best access systems for you, then install them for you to keep your home safe.