As your child grows up, there may be times when they are left home alone, which can be a stressful transitional process for parents. There are some steps you can take to improve your home security to diffuse any anxieties about your child’s safety when at home. 

Things You Can Do To Improve Home Security

1. Installing Home Security Methods

There are continuous advancements in home security measures that can vastly improve your child’s home security. Installing video or voice intercoms and cameras on your front door reduces the pressure from your child to decide whether to answer the door. Some systems allow you to access the footage from your phone, allowing you to tell your child if it safe for them to answer the door even when you are not at home. 

If you have a gated property, installing an access control system will enable your child to have a code to get into the property, and ensure that no one else will have access. 

Installing CCTV cameras can be a good deterrent if you are away from your property often. 

2. Give Your Child Emergency Contact Details

Make sure your child has the emergency contact numbers on a list or saved in a phone for them to use in case of an emergency. It may even be a good idea to let them know the number of an emergency locksmith, should there be an issue with a home security system or they are locked out of the house.

Things Your Child Can Do To Improve Their Home Security.

1. Avoid Answering the Door

Tell your child not to worry about answering the door unless they know it is someone like a family member or friend that you are aware is coming to your house. This can help children feel much safer when they are home alone if they know that they will be safe inside. 

2. Not Leaving Unless It Is An Emergency

If your child is not old enough to be trusted with the responsibility of leaving the house and setting up all the home security systems and locking the doors, then make sure they don’t leave when you are not there unless it is an emergency. Ensure you have communicated this with them and they understand an action plan for what to do in an emergency. 

3. Know The Numbers

Knowing exactly what to do and who to call should there be an emergency will stop your child from worrying when they are home alone. By installing the correct home security systems required for your child’s safety this should not be a fear they have, but will help them feel confident they know how to keep themselves secure in the home. 

All Masons Improving Home Security For You And Your Child

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