Most New Year’s Resolutions involve changes that people want to make to themselves or their lifestyle, but it’s also worth bearing in mind your home and property when drawing up your best intentions for 2019.

If you’re looking to make some positive changes this year, home security is a great place to start. By ensuring your property is as safe as possible, you’ll be less likely to fall foul of intruders, and can enjoy the peace of mind this affords. With many home security solutions much cheaper and easier than you may expect, we’ve drawn up our list of top recommendations for the coming year.

Repair Broken Locks

If your lock doesn’t work, or if it’s difficult to operate, it isn’t operating to its full potential. Locks shouldn’t require a ‘special knack’ to open are close, they should be easy to operate by everyone in household, and quick to operate when you need to leave in a hurry. The good news is that in most cases, broken locks don’t need to be replaced – a good locksmith should be able to repair the mechanism back to working order. Repairing a lock is much cheaper and easier than replacing it, so whether your door, window, or garage lock is letting you down, the solution is much simpler than you may think, and the benefits don’t need explaining.

Repair UPVC Fittings

UPVC windows and doors are great as they require little to no maintenance, and remain effective for long periods of time. No material is fully indestructible however, and if you’ve noticed gaps or cracks it’s worth getting a professional tradesperson to check it over. Potential intruders are able to exploit gaps and weaknesses in UPVC, so if your fittings are getting old or have been damaged, they’re certainly worth repairing. As well as improving your home security, well-fitted UPVC also provides superb insulation for your home, so repairing faults can also assist your monthly heating bills.

Install CCTV

Common misconceptions about CCTV are that it’s prohibitively expensive, as well as difficult to maintain. However, with recent advances in digital technology over previous years, it’s never been cheaper or easier to install. The benefits of CCTV are twofold. Firstly, it acts as a great deterrent to would-be intruders, as a well-positioned and visible camera is no trespasser’s ideal sight. Secondly, if you are unfortunate enough to suffer a break-in, the easy-to-browse digital footage may be used as part of an investigation or as evidence. Most digital hard-drives will record weeks of footage on end, then you can simply wipe the memory after a period of no incident, and reset as required.

Install Access Control

Access control covers a range of products and a number of uses, depending on your property type. Voice or video intercoms are ideal for vulnerable residents, who may want to see who’s at the door before opening. Gated-property owners may also find convenience in communication set-ups with visitors, alongside automatic locking controlled inside. Those wishing to share access with others may also consider access codes or fobs, which are often popular choices with businesses and landlords.

Book a Home Security Survey

If you’re concerned about any of the security issues raised above, or would like more information about a home security solution you may be considering, a good locksmith will be able to assist. Here at All Masons Locksmiths we offer free Home Security Surveys, during which a qualified locksmith can fully inspect and asses your property. This is a free service with no obligation to purchase any follow-up actions, so contact us today, and get 2019 off to a safe and secure start.