People frequently ask us how often they need to change their locks. It’s a fair question, too; no-one has the time or the money to get them swapped every other week, but it’s advisable that you don’t go years without bolstering your home’s security.

Thankfully, we have a very simple answer for you: we advise that you get your locks changed every time your circumstances are altered. Helpful, right? In all seriousness, there is no reason to change your locks just for the sake of changing them, but a number of different situations could lead to an update becoming necessary.

We’ve focused here on three scenarios, but if you have any doubts over the security of your locks then we would advise you to get in touch with us on 01858 680 746 or by using our online contact form. We’re more than happy to offer our impartial, considered advice. We understand how important a person’s home security is.

1) You lose your keys

An image of someone holding a key

Number one on our list is the most common – and, in many ways, most annoying – reason to get your locks changed. Losing your keys isn’t the end of the world, as you can always have new ones cut, but your old keys won’t simply vanish after they’re replaced (even if they seem to be pretty good at disappearing when you’re frantically searching for them).

Unfortunately, there are sometimes more sinister forces at work than a bit of misfortune. There’s always a chance that your keys were stolen or picked up by someone with less-than-honourable intentions, and that’s not a chance worth taking. The wrong people in possession of your keys can lead to something far worse than a minor inconvenience, so we would recommend having your locks changed as soon as you realise that your keys are lost.

2) You move house

An image of someone holding a wooden keychain of a house

Hooray! You’ve moved into a new house and just about managed to survive the process. Now, you can pose for the camera as you proudly display every thief’s best friend your new set of keys.

There is no telling how many people will have keys to the property you’ve just moved into. You can’t be sure how careful the previous tenants were, nor can you be certain that those tenants’ friends/family members are honourable. Number one on your list of home improvements should be a brand new set of locks. That way, you have complete control over your home security and needn’t worry about uninvited guests letting themselves in.  

3) You start experiencing issues with your existing locks

An image of a new handle and lock being fitted to a window

As is the case with pretty much everything in life, your locks won’t last forever. As they age, they will experience wear and tear and gradually become less effective. Once you notice that this is happening, we would advise you to get your locks replaced. You needn’t change every single one in the house – just the ones that are wearing thin. 

Look out for persistent issues, such as stiff or awkward mechanisms or handles that feel ‘loose’. If you do find that your locks feel awkward, then it’s probably time for a refresh!

All Masons Locksmiths

As leading locksmiths in the Northampton, Kettering, and Market Harborough areas, we are extremely well placed to advise you regarding the state of your locks. Give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll be sure to point you in the right direction.

Just remember that faulty locks or AWOL keys could compromise the security of your home. It’s worth taking this kind of thing seriously.