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All Masons Locksmiths provide a variety of access control systems in Northampton and a number of the surrounding areas:

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Why Install an Access Control System in your Home?

Often, lock repairs and locksmithing isn’t enough, so our fully trained staff are on hand to help with a variety of home security systems including number pads, fingerprint recognition, and gates security systems. If you want to be able to access your property while ensuring others can’t, then we will have a solution for you. Keep your home secure with a new security system in Market Harborough, Northampton, and everywhere in between.

Access control systems represent a great way of adding an extra level of security to any home or workplace. By restricting access to a particular space, room, or building, you can easily and effectively manage the visitor flow to your intended area.

Here’s a rundown of the main services we can provide, and the benefits they offer.

Access Control Systems at Home

Voice and Video Intercom Systems

The traditional lock and key is generally sufficient for the average front door, but the addition of a new security system in the form of voice or video intercoms is the perfect way of determining who you wish to open your door to.

Remote Fobs And Pin Code Locks

Security systems can also be employed to restrict access to the wider property. For homes with a gated driveway, this can be installed for quick and easy access for yourself, as well as any family or friends you wish to share entry with. Gate security can be controlled remotely, or by PIN or fob, depending on your preference.

Shared Accommodation Access Control Systems and Landlord Access

Landlords who own flats or other shared accommodation would also be encouraged to install access control systems for any shared buildings. Access codes or fobs can be provided to tenants, helping to provide safety and security for everyone in the building.

Commercial Access Control Installations

In an age of data security, access control systems are a popular security solution for businesses of all sizes. Access cards or fobs along with turnstiles are a regular choice for securing building entry, although magnetic door locks can be equally effective.

Once inside the building, the same services can also be employed to restrict access to separate rooms or areas, with access granted to employees on the basis of individual departments or authority level. You can also choose the level of access granted to visitors or part-time staff, who may only be on site in the short term.

Access Security Systems for the East Midlands

If you’re a home or business owner in Market Harborough or the surrounding areas such as Northampton, Corby or Kettering, and would like to control access to your property, please contact us today through our online form or give us a call on 01858 680 746. All services are installed by our experienced professionals, who are happy to discuss your requirements and offer any advice you need.

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