There is no time like Christmas for making your house feel extra cosy and special. Sparkly lights outside, a big tree and presents underneath it. Unfortunately, Santa is not the only one trying to fit down your chimney this holiday season. Burglaries are at a very high rate during the Christmas period, so make sure you are following these top 10 tips to keep your home secure this year and save Christmas. 

Secure Your House 

  1. Home Security and Access Control

This is one for all year round, but there’s no time like the present (pun intended) to check your home security at Christmas. Check your locks, get them repaired if necessary, and consider adding an access control system if you haven’t already. If you run a tight ship when securing your home, then the risk of a burglary is greatly reduced. Access control systems are a great deterrent for home invaders too.

2. Leave a Light On

In the depths of the dark winter nights, leaving a light on while you are out the house is a good deterrent for burglars. You should also consider leaving other signs of activity in the house, such as keeping a radio on or setting your lights to be on a timer. If it appears as though someone is in the house, a burglar is less likely to attempt entry. You could also invest in a sensory outdoor floodlight. 

3. Christmas Lights

To plug them in, you might feed the lead for your Christmas lights through a slightly cracked window, giving unwanted visitors easy access to open your windows. If you have to do this, make sure you are home and in the room with the cracked window, and make sure you always close and secure it before you go to bed or leave the house. 

4. Spare Keys

Don’t hide your spare keys in obvious places, such as plant pots or under the doormat. As home invasions are more prominent at Christmas time, a burglar might look for them to just simply let themselves in and help themselves to anything that takes their fancy in your property.

Christmas Gifts 

5. Home Deliveries

You might be ordering a lot of presents online over Christmas, and burglars will know this. In this case, your ‘leave in a safe place’ delivery request is not the best idea. If you aren’t going to be in, don’t let your parcels pile up; opt for click and collect options or to leave with a trusted neighbour. 

6. Disposing of Packaging

Once your gifts are beautifully wrapped, you might just chuck the packaging outside ready to be recycled or thrown away. This is simply just an advert to people that expensive gifts are outside! Try to dispose of them discreetly or just before they would be collected so they are not sat outside. 

7. Gifts Under the Tree

If your tree is visible from a window, try not to leave your gifts under it for a while before Christmas day. If they are visible, you are more likely to attract unwanted visitors. Hide them away, and avoid obvious places such as wardrobes or under the bed. Not only will burglars know to look there, your family will too! 

Other Simple Home Security Tips

8. Social Media

Although its fun to share all the Christmas parties you are attending and the expensive gifts you have bought, burglars seek this information out as an easy way to know that you aren’t home and there are plenty of things to steal. Check your privacy settings, try not to post private information, and don’t ‘check-in’ that you’re out of the house. 

9. Suspend Home Deliveries

If you go away for the holidays, suspend any of your subscription deliveries, such as milk and newspapers. If they pile up outside, burglars will know you aren’t around and will be likely to target your house.

10. Secure Your Home From Within

Trees, candles and lights can pose a fire risk to your home. Turn off lights and blow out candles before going to bed or leaving the house. Don’t forget to unplug everything!

All Masons Locksmiths Home Security at Christmas.

If you’d like to set up a security system in your home this Christmas, All Masons Locksmiths have the answer. We can survey your home and offer locksmith services along with the ability to install access control systems. Just call us on 01858 680 746 or fill out our contact form to get started. Alternatively, if you ever require an emergency locksmith, our 365 days a year, 24/7 call out service is available for you! Just save our emergency contact number, 07875 161 217 into your phone so it’s always ready just in case.