With Halloween fast approaching, some home-owners may start to feel a little anxious regarding the annual trick-or-treat traditions. This may be due to the onset of small ghoulish faces demanding sweets at the front door, or the fact that home burglaries are not uncommon around this time of year.

Whether you choose to stay at home, or head out for the evening, there’s no reason why Halloween should be different to any other night of the year. Just keep you guard up, and follow our Halloween home security tips to make sure this 31st October is all treat and no trick.

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Signal your Trick-or-Treat preference

Image of three halloween pumpkins in front of a window

If you choose not to get involved in the proceedings, that’s perfectly fine. Most trick-or-treaters would rather know upfront so they’re not wasting time outside an un-opening door. If you visit the website of your local police, you’ll normally find a print-at-home poster for anyone not wishing to be disturbed, which you can display in your window. If not, a simple yet polite note to the same effect will do the job.

If you are happy to receive callers, you can similarly display a ‘Trick-or-Treaters Welcome’ sign. The traditional signal that you’re open to trick-or-treaters is an illuminated Jack O’Lantern, but if you go for this option, just remember never to leave burning candles unattended.

Don’t open the door to just anyone

Image of a group of children trick-or-treating

Just because it’s Halloween, there’s no need to abandon the usual levels of caution you’d normally apply to a knock at the door. Checking through the window or spyhole is advisable so you can see who you’re dealing with. Most costumed children will be accompanied by an adult, but if you think a group looks too large, or the callers are older than you’d prefer, there’s no requirement to open the door. If you’re for any reason uncomfortable with who you see, keep your door locked and closed.

If you choose to welcome trick-or-treaters, always decide on a curfew time for your own involvement. It’s never a good idea to open your door to strangers late at night, so around 8 or 9pm is a good point to lock up for the night.

Keep your property well lit

It’s a good idea to make sure the outside of your property is illuminated to deter any would-be intruders. If you have an outside security light, you may want to keep it on for the evening. A motion sensor light is also advisable.

By keeping your property well-lit, you’ll ensure that only genuine trick-or-treaters will be likely to approach. Costumed children will have no issue with a light guiding them to the door, but anyone involved in untoward activity won’t want to have their movements illuminated.

Similarly, if you choose to go out for the evening, it can be a good idea to leave a light on in one room to give the illusion that people are at home.

Report any suspicious behaviour

Image of someone holding a phone

Many would-be burglars or intruders take advantage of Halloween, so be extra vigilant for suspicious activity. This may involve people loitering in one area, paying particular attention to a property or vehicle, or leaving and returning to the same spot. If you notice anything that doesn’t look right, don’t be afraid to report this to the police. Remember to only use 999 in the event of an actual emergency. All non-urgent police calls be made by dialling 101.

Above all, remember to have a fun evening, and a Happy Halloween.