We all want to feel safe in our own home, whether it’s by keeping your doors locked at all times or leaving lights on to signal there’s someone at home. Keeping your garden secure is just as important, so we have listed our top 4 areas you can improve on for garden security.



Your fence offers a point of access to intruders, so reinforcing it should be a top priority for garden security. Firstly check for any signs of weakness – perhaps a loose panel or an existing hole; intruders will use force to attempt to gain access so strengthen your fence as much as you can. Likewise, with your garden gate use high-security locks so they can’t be opened easily. 

You can also install anti-climbing features such as spikes or barbed wire onto the top of your fence – beware that there are legal requirements to be considered first. 


Another way to deter intruders from entering your garden is to take advantage of the breadth of security technology that is now available. You can install CCTV cameras around your property, which will both discourage intruders and allow you to see what’s going on when you’re not around. 

A preventative measure recommended by the police is the use of floodlights. When triggered, the lights would alert you and others in the area to the fact that there is some activity in your garden, giving you the option to investigate. It would also discourage an intruder as there’s the possibility they could be seen. An alarm would also work for these same reasons.


Sheds are useful for storing all your garden items, but for this reason, they might be an attraction to possible intruders. Make sure you have a hardy lock on the door and add more than one if necessary. You should also install curtains or blinds to any shed windows so that your items can’t be seen by outsiders. 

Just as you should with your fence, also check your shed for any weaknesses. If there is anything loose or rotting, it should be replaced for extra security. 

Garden furniture and decoration 

Decorating your garden can be a lot of fun and can give you something to be proud of. But something to always consider is that your prized possessions could attract the wrong kind of attention. When it comes to plant pots, try and make them heavy or choose ones that are awkward to move. You could also cement them to the floor for the added security. 

When it comes to garden furniture, try and store them inside or in a shed if you can. Alternatively, you could lock them to the floor with a chain or another mechanism. 

Garden Security with All Masons Locksmiths Ltd

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