A business and its unique brand come about because of hard work. No other reason exists for a successful business. No amount of money, branding, or “luck” will keep a locksmith company thriving through good times and bad. Too many so-called experts like to suggest that business owners must invest more money into the business, but they fail to advise clients that without a solid foundation from which to build, money doesn’t fix the problem.

Branding your business

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Your business brand, or more specifically, your reputation in the locksmithing business, is the main reason for repeat customers. Let’s face it, without repeat business your business will not grow. Growth happens because your customers appreciate the way you treat them, and you have the product or service that solves their problem time and again. That’s how to build a solid foundation.

The smaller the business, the more important this becomes. In a service business with close customer contact such as in locksmithing, solving customers’ needs with personal service creates trust and builds your reputation. The brand of your company starts here.

Over time, your reputation builds, and your company is the “one” that comes to mind when a potential customer needs a locksmith. That’s branding. Think about the first company that pops into your mind when you need a plumber, a mechanic, even a doctor. Your business should be the “one.”

Become a member of the MLA

Master Locksmiths Association

Another tangible aspect of a great locksmithing business is to become a member of the Master Locksmiths Association. It’s no easy task to become a member, but the benefits of membership prove to the community you serve that you’re an honest and reputable establishment, not to mention the respect garnered from your peers. Let’s look at what’s involved to qualify for membership in the MLA.

Currently, two distinct types of MLA memberships exist. They are the Personal Membership and the Approved Company membership.

Personal Membership:

1. For individuals currently employed by an MLA Approved Company locksmithing business or who own their own business, and wish to retain their personal membership.
2. All individuals must pass the relevant BLI Examination.

Note: The BLI Examination is a rigorous test of locksmithing knowledge and practical skill. However, a most prestigious title is “Fellow of the BLI” where a very stringent examination tests a locksmith’s skill to the fullest extent possible.

Approved Company Membership:

1.After a successful inspection by the Association’s Inspectorate, the distinction of Approved Company becomes a welcome reality.
2.Once approved, the company earns the right to display the MLA Approved Company logo on any media that displays the company name. A very high honor, indeed.

It’s easy to see why MLA Approved Companies enjoy the respect and admiration of their peers and customers alike. The difficult exams and exemplary service required by the MLA Association is a testament to the quality of the company and its practices.