Finding yourself the victim of a break-in can be an emotionally challenging time. Although it’s a distressing experience, it’s important to know the correct course of action to follow. This will ensure your home life can recover as quickly as possible, and help minimise any lasting damage caused by the incident. From recouping your losses to ensuring peace of mind in the coming months, here’s a short list of recommended advice.

Contact the Police

It may sound obvious, but it’s important to contact the police as soon as possible. This is for two main reasons. Firstly, the police have a better chance of catching the perpetrator and recovering your goods if they are notified sooner. Police officers will visit your home to interview you, and you’ll also be visited by a forensics team to search for evidence such as fingerprints. For this reason, it’s a good idea not to touch anything until you’ve spoken to the authorities. The second reason you’ll need to contact the police is to obtain a crime reference number, which is required to make an insurance claim. For non-emergency calls, you can reach the Police by dialling 101.

Make an Insurance Claim

Evaluate your home and belongings to determine an exact list of what is missing. As well as providing this list to the police, you’ll need it when making a claim with your insurance providers. Most insurance policies will require you to file a claim within 24 hours of completing a Police report, so make sure you don’t delay. For larger items, or damage to your home, it’s possible that a claim adjuster will also visit to inspect the damage caused and to verify your claim.

Clear Up and Make Repairs

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Once you’ve been visited by the Police and your insurance provider, it’s a good idea to clear up as soon as you can. Any remaining mess or damage is likely to be a reminder of the incident, so a swift clean is a good idea for your mental well-being. If there’s any damage around the point-of-entry, be sure to board it up securely until professional repairs can be made. Once your insurance claim is completed you can begin to replace lost items, and return your home to its previous standard.

Improve Your Home Security

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Installing new home security features is another beneficial step. By safeguarding your home, you’ll be providing yourself with much-needed peace of mind going forwards. As well as considering alarms and CCTV, you may wish to strengthen your doors and windows too. All Masons locksmiths are a professional team of security experts based in Leicestershire, who offer fast and efficient services including emergency lock repair and replacement, UPVC window locks and repairs, and home alarms with CCTV. Any of these measures will both reduce the chance of further break-ins, as well as helping you feel safer in your home.

Ensure Your Own Wellbeing

As mentioned, a break-in can be a distressing experience, and one that leaves many people feeling anxious or insecure in the aftermath. If this is the case, there’s no shame in admitting feelings of vulnerability, and it can be helpful to talk this through. Charities such as Victim Support (0845 30 30 90) offer free and confidential support to anyone looking for assistance in moving past the impact of a crime.